Backgammon Boards

LET’S PLAY - For the LOVE of FUN

Our Backgammon Boards are handcrafted in wood by a skilled artisan and made to perfection.   We worked with local illustrators who designed and brought the imagery to life.  We have started this collection with three designs that we believe resonate well in the South African lifestyle space and we will continue to collaborate with wonderful designers and bring you different styled boards.    We also offer each image as a print.    We have a bespoke service were we will work with individuals and corporates to create unique bespoke boards based on their requirements.  Wishing you hours of play and enjoyment.   These make incredible long lasting gifts.  

Lead Time from order - 5 to 6 weeks

The colour may very slightly as they are printed on textured wood.

Size: W-26 / L -38 and H 6.5

Weight: 2.7kgs

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