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About Kate Sunley

Kate has always been passionate about beautiful aesthetics and experiences and the joy that these instil. The thirteen years she lived abroad in London and Hong Kong opened her eyes to a world of luxury goods - in which she unashamedly indulged. Upon her return to South Africa, she struggled to find similar items at an affordable price-point, which didn’t compromise on the scent or the experience.

Inspired by the abundance of local florals and scents, she decided to create her ideal products and spent months researching and trialling new ideas. The result was a bespoke range of handcrafted hydrating and exfoliating bath products, inspired by her favourite scents and flowers from her own garden. She recalls the delicate art of growing her own roses, the anticipation of waiting for them to flower; the headiness of their scent on summer days. She began gifting the products to friends, who immediately requested more, so delighted were they with the experience and aesthetic effects.

Kate loved the feeling of gifting something that created so much joy – both for herself and for the recipients. She now dedicates herself full-time to the joyfully fragrant world that is Kate Sunley; a collection of beautiful and nourishing things.


At Kate Sunley, we believe in taking time out from the cacophony of the everyday – to indulge and to restore. These brief respites that we gift ourselves and others are an invaluable act of self-care and self-preservation. Our ethos is underpinned by the genuine joy that we derive in crafting and gifting items of beauty. We remain true to ourselves always; seeking fragrances and ingredients that instil inner tranquillity for us personally. In sharing these products; we aim to imbue your world with their joyful and calming properties.

At our core, we recognise the indisputable value of taking time out to nourish ourselves, to feed our bodies and souls. These products are our earnest attempt to spread this value and its inherent benefits far and wide.

At Kate Sunley, we pride ourselves on curating and creating beautiful and nourishing products for our clients. Our collections are handcrafted in small quantities, bespoke offerings that are truly imbued with the love and skill of their makers. 

We insist on the utmost standards of sanitation and care when preparing and packaging our products for delivery and ensure that we partner with delivery companies who uphold these same standards. We are committed to implementing ongoing strict hygiene, safety and contactless delivery methods to ensure the wellbeing of our clients.

Thank you for supporting local small businesses. It is our firm belief that doing so will have an all-important impact on our economy and we are so very grateful for your patronage.

Yours in all rituals beautiful and nourishing,

Kate Sunley