Ottolenghi Test Kitchen: Shelf Love by Noor Murad & Yotam Ottolenghi

Reviewed by Karen Lane, Need a Read

Relaxed, flexible home cooking from Yotam Ottolenghi and his Test Kitchen team.

Whether they’re conjuring up new recipes or cooking for themselves at home, the Ottolenghi Test Kitchen team do what we all do: they raid their kitchens to come up with dishes that pack all the punch and edge we expect from Ottolenghi, but offer more flexibility to make them our own, using what we’ve got to hand.

This instinct is in perfect sync with recent times, when we’ve all been standing in front of our kitchen shelves, our cupboards and our fridges, wondering what to cook with what we’ve got; how to put a can of chickpeas or a bag of frozen peas to good use, instead of taking an extra trip to the shops.  Handy lists at the front of the book suggest which recipes will use which ingredient you have to hand, for example if you’ve got courgettes or sweetcorn in the fridge, turn to page 75 or 84.  Likewise, lists at the back of the book tell you which recipes can easily be veganised, which take under an hour to cook, which are one pot recipes etc.  Each page has blocks for you to scribble your notes in as well as suggestions for replacements of key ingredients to get the same delicious result.

This book is all about feeding ourselves and our families with less stress and less fuss, but with all the ‘wow’ of an Ottolenghi meal.

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