How to Get Over Being Young by Charlotte Bauer

Reviewed by Karen Lane, Need a Read
“Youth, after all, is a passing phase, and by the time most of us notice we have it, it has gone.”
You’ll probably recognise the name Charlotte Bauer.  She’s a prize-winning journalist and was a senior editor of the South African Sunday Times for many years.   This is her deliciously funny and wise guide to midlife – an unscientific, flaws-and-all account of her menopausal adventures and misadventures and of learning to wean herself off youth!

Through her own experiences as a fifty-something woman, and those of her three sisters, her indomitable mum and rebellious auntie, Charlotte tackles the big questions every woman of a certain age seeks answers to – chiefly: How the hell am I going to get over being young?  Health, identity, work, vanity, face-lifts, fashion, fury and relationships are all examined and scrutinised with humour and care as Charlotte learns to be happy in her skin (even if it’s not as firm as it once was).  Take her advice and start your own fuck-it list (because we’re still too young to have a bucket list!)

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